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What is Paga and what are the benefits?
Paga is the easiest to use money transfer service. Paga allows you to send money to anyone with a mobile phone or make payments wherever you are! All you need is a GSM mobile phone, an internet–enabled device, or you can also visit any Paga agent.
Paga provides you with a fast, convenient and secure way to make and receive payments. It is the best alternative to carrying cash, using checks or ATM cards, travelling to and from the bank, and waiting in long lines to process payments
What Services are available on Paga?
Paga has a variety of offerings which include:
Money transfer – Send cash to anyone who has a mobile phone number, anywhere!
Airtime purchase – buy airtime from your phone or online, no scratch cards necessary!
Bill payment – pay your DSTV and other bills using your mobile phone or online!
Merchant payments – buy your goods and services using your mobile phone or online!
Click here for detailed information on how to use each of these services via available channels.
Where Can I use Paga?
You can use Paga wherever you are using your mobile phone (Paga is available on all networks) or internet–enabled device. However, you can also perform transactions at any authorised PagaStar Agent location nationwide. Click here to locate a PagaStar near you.
Why Should I use Paga?
Paga provides you with a fast, convenient and secure way to make and receive payments. It is the best alternative to carrying cash, using checks or ATM cards, travelling to and from the bank, and waiting in long lines to process payments.
Where Can I register for Paga?
You can register for Paga by yourself using SMS or on our website ( You can also visit one of our PagaStar Agents to get registered.
click here to locate a PagaStar Agent near you.
click here for a detailed step–by–step guide on how to register on Paga
Do I need to have an account with Paga to make payments?
No. If you are not registered on Paga, you can perform all transactions available on Paga at any of our PagaStar Agent locations (except for Merchant payments, which requires you to be a registered user). You also do not need an account to receive money transfer.
What information do I need to provide to register for Paga?
The minimum information required to register for Paga is your name and phone number (you do not need to register a new SIM and the service is available to all phone types). However, if you would like to increase your transaction limits, you will need to provide additional information. Clickhere to learn more.
How do I deposit cash into my Paga account?
You can deposit money into your Paga account using the following options:
Cash deposit at an authorised PagaStar Agent
Cash deposit at a Paga partner bank
Money transfer from a linked bank account into your Paga account
If I don't need a bank account, where does my cash go?
When you register for Paga and deposit cash at your nearest Paga Star Agent, an E-Float Paga account is created for you, which stores your cash and is fully insured.
Is My Money Secured With Paga?
Your cash is domiciled in a Paga Bank account and your Paga E-Float account is protected by your Pin and password. Click here to learn more about security
Can you use Paga Overseas?
The service works as normal. However, you may be charged for the SMS traffic by the host network at International Roaming rates.
Can I get an overdraft facility on my Paga account?
No. You cannot use more money than you have available in your Paga account.
How do I become a Paga Star Agent?
Anyone with the right qualifications can become a PagaStar agent and start earning income through Paga. Click here to learn more about becoming an agent and the list of requirements
Are there monthly charges for registering?
No. Registration is free and there are no monthly charges or interest payments.
What is the difference between a mobile money account and my normal mobile banking account?
A mobile money account is accessible to you at all times of the day anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone and cash in your account. There is no need to wait in line at a teller or at an ATM. You can even transact from your home!

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