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Understanding Yahclick Internet Service

Understanding Yahclick Internet Service Most users of the YahClick service in Nigeria fail to understand some basic offers of the service and thus erroneously adjudge it as a poor service whereas they should be blamed for choosing the wrong service for their needs. As a leading provider of the YahClick service in Nigeria, here are a few tips to help you decide if YahClick is the solution for you: 1. YahClick is a broadband service - this means that the bandwidth is not dedicated but open to you upto the stated figure in the plan. i.e. depending on the traffic, a 3mbps download may receive less than or equal to 3mbps of data speed per time. 3mbps is not guaranteed as its not a dedicated access. 2. YahClick Speed is measured in Mega Bits (not bytes) per Second - this is the most common mistake people make, they call in to say "we've just ran a test and the speed is xxxkbps and not yyymbps). When you run a test that gives you the result in kbps, simply multiply your result by 0.008 to covert to mbps. 1 byte per second = 8 bits per second. 3. YahClick applies the Fair Access Policy (FAP) - FAP is implemented to ensure every user of the service enjoys relatively equal priority and good service. Thus your monthly usage is well spread across the month, limiting you to 10% of your monthly allocation for use within every 72 hours. It is important you understand your standard consumption per day before choosing a plan to avoid running into FAP too often. If you run into FAP simply contact your Channel Partner and have your account loaded with a FAP token for a meager fee. This will reset your account for another 72 hours cycle. Currently, there's only 1 actual unlimited plan on YahClick, which is the Unlimited Business 1mbps, following the scrapping of the Unlimited Home 512kbps. The unlimited 1mbps is also regulated with a very mild FAP to balance the usage of the client against other users on the same network. 4. YahClick comes with a dynamic IP, if your need is for a Static IP, you would need to contact your Channel Partner to have the static IP issued and configured. It may come at an additional cost. The IP would be registered to either of the 2 Nigerian distributors Coollink and Hyperia for security. If you have any site that restricts access to Nigerian IPs, the site may not be accessible on this IP address unless you use an anonymous URL service. 5. YahClick covers Nigeria with 4 strong beams - these beams have clear cut paths across the Nigerian space, thus creating areas of strong and not too strong signals, which would result in the use of different (minimum) dish sizes to guarantee optimal performance. You should therefore confirm from your Channel Partner that you have been given the right dish size i.e. 74cm, 98cm or 1.2m dish. The prices would vary accordingly. 6. YahClick is not designed for heavy users - YahClick is mass market product and best suitable for SMEs, remote enterprises and homes (that can afford it). For users whose links are delicate, YahClick may not be most suitable for your use. YahClick delivers affordable, high speed internet access to small to medium level users, but may not be suitable in the following scenarios: - VPN service - Video gaming - Live applications e.g. banking software However, an experienced YahClick installer may be able to setup your service to be able to work effectively on VPN, video and other services. 7. YahClick Distributors does not provide technical support - this is the duty of your channel partner. They are trained to understand your need and provide you expert 1st level support. Most users by-pass the channel partners to buy directly from the distributors there creating a gap in their service value chain (absence of the technical support provider). The subscription costs are the same, the channel partner is rewarded enough to carter for your support need, if you don't get enough of it, simply request for a transfer to another channel partner. At Wanaga we provide 24/7/365 days support - on phone, on site and via mails. We are well poised to give you peace of mind! Wanaga is Nigeria's leading Technical Support Provider on YahClick and can provide you with invaluable advise on selecting the most suitable YahClick service plans for your need or alternative Non-FAP, Unlimited usage internet solutions that best suits your connectivity needs. Contact: +2348033332108, +2348099199909,

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