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We understand the need of high speed rugged internet for an enterprise/ corporate. Wanaga & Partners uses C and Ku band VSAT platforms to deliver fast internet connection with absolute reliability.

Wanaga & Partners has 6 satellite hubs located in Nigeria, US and Germany. Depending on the customers' requirements, specific hub is used to provide the most suitable internet service. Wanaga & Partners internet service gives you a chance to unleash the true potential of web surfing and online experience. Wanaga & Partners broadband keeps pace with the new, fast, and ever-changing world of Internet needs. The need to get fast, unlimited and uninterrupted access to net is a reality with Wanaga & Partners internet connection. VSAT based high speed internet not only supports the customers in keeping in touch with the world, it is an excellent solution for critical web based applications like video conferencing, security camera surveillance, etc.

VSAT based internet has minimal points of failure making it an ideal solution for redundancy too. It can serve as a good back up to terrestrial internet connections based on radio and fibre technology.

Wanaga & Partners also provides hybrid internet connections to deliver the advantage of speed of fibre backed up by reliability of the VSAT. Solutions are designed to work seamlessly with no manual intervention required for switch over between the primary and the secondary connectivity.

With Wanaga & Partners Broadband you can experience the Internet telephony and video conferencing with absolute clarity. VSAT internet services from Wanaga & Partners are available across all West African countries.



Wanaga & Partners uses its iDirect & Hughes hubs located in Lagos for providing secured intranet services over C and Ku band.

Availability and reliability is critical for Virtual Private Networks. Wanaga & Partners’s highly secured intranet solutions allow corporate organizations to concentrate on their core business. Wanaga & Partners provides end-to-end integrated VPN solutions for companies involved in Oil & Gas sector, Banking/ Financing sector, multi-location trading, etc.

Any corporate which needs seamless data, voice or video communication between its head office and remote locations can avail this solution. Wanaga & Partners offers a range of intranet connectivity solutions, tailored to your communications requirements and the complexity of your network. Solutions are designed based on a detailed requirements analysis of individual customers instead of “one fits all” philosophy.

VPNs are designed in star and mesh topology, which come with several benefits like

  • Single hop solutions with low latency

  • Seamless exchange of information between head office and remote locations anywhere in West Africa

  • Tie up with multiple Satellite vendors ensures business continuity backups during any unforeseen outages on a satellite

  • Quick deployment and relocation of equipment as per customers’ requirements

  • 24x7x365 days technical support for mission critical requirements.


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