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KA-Band Satellite Broadband Internet service gives you high speed, uninterrupted and direct link to the geosynchronous orbital satellite.
We do not use base stations or terrestrials links to provide internet service.
Our clients receive direct link from the space satellite giving you high throughput and reliable connection as against GSM/CDMA/LTE technologies.
The YahClick satellite Internet connection delivers upstream (outgoing) and downstream (incoming) data to and from a PC or a Mac computer through high throughput satellite. The end user computer will have high speed Internet access via an Ethernet connection to the YahClick modem.

The computer may be connected to the YahClick modem directly or can be attached to a wireless hub or router to connect wirelessly. Upon subscription to the YahClick service, YahClick Service Partners process the order, install the YahClick terminal, and activate the service.

The YahClick terminal includes the YahClick Satellite Receiver (either a 74 cm or a 98 cm dish along with the Transmit/Receive device) and the YahClick modem. The YahClick Satellite receiver can be mounted on a roof, wall or via pole mount on the ground. Once connected, the end user computer sends a request to the YahClick modem, which passes the request to the YahClick satellite.



Ka-band has become the band of choice for many satellite operators due to its increasing capacity

availability and its applicability for broadband services. New Ka-band satellites are either already in orbit or are being readied for launch. But how does it compare to the traditional Ku-band?


In the past few years we have witnessed a growing amount of Ka-band capacity launched in many regions of the world. Fueled by the growth in Internet-based applications, the demand for satellite capacity has grown similarly to other wireline and wireless communications technologies. The lower Ku-band frequency capacity has filled up in most of the geosynchronous orbital slots. As a result, the growing demand for satellite bandwidth is driving investment in Ka-band as the next choice for launching new satellite capacity.

Ka-band satellites is 10-100 times the throughput that is available on the traditional Ku-band satellites. It’s no wonder that the new generation of Ka-band satellites are referred to as High Throughput Satellites.

Wanaga is an authorised distributor of mpower, inverters & solar panels in Nigeria, packed with a range of user-friendly features to cater for variety of low and high power applications-luminous, Sukam and Tec inverters are undoubtedly the most reliable and efficient world class inverters. We offer these inverters for domestic as well as corporate applications with output capacity ranging from 800VA to 30KVA. Our inverters comes with 1year warranty.

Quality Features:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Long lasting backup time
  • No Running Cost
  • Charges Battery two times faster
  • No diesel; No petrol
  • No noise or air pollution
  • Automatic change over
  • Protection of appliances safety for home
  • Pure sine wave output

Distributors Of:



CCTV Systems                                                                  


We install, supply, maintain and service industrial, commercial and domestic CCTV surveillance systems on sites

across every sector.

We provide cost effective quality CCTV surveillance systems tailored to meet your requirements. 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced digital CCTV system, look no further than Penatech CCTV service

Providers, the name you can trust.

Our Service is focused on

  • Maximum Performance on all Levels                                  
  •    Advanced System Integration Functionality                                          
  •    Extreme Reliability                                                                             
  •    Seamless Future Expansion Capability
  •    Swift Remote Assistance



                                                                         CCTV SERVICES

  • CCTV Supply and Installations
  • IP Security Camera Systems
  • CCTV System Upgrades                                                                                 
  • Security Camera Maintenance
  • CCTV Camera Repair


Applications                                                                                   Surveillance Cameras

Homes                                                                                             Long Range and Wide View

Offices                                                                                             Outdoor and Indoor Cameras

Hospital                                                                                           Infrared features for Night View

School                                                                                             Clear Focus/ PTZ Cameras

Industries                                                                                         Advanced Digital Technology

Shopping Malls                                                                                 Motion detection


Social Centers

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NOTE: All payment for device and funding should be made to the bank account on our site.


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