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Asta Satellite Internet



Nigerian’s first internet satellite service broadband connection covering Africa.  With Asta Satellite you  have High-speed internet of speed up-to 20 Mbps  even in remote locations everywhere a high-speed  internet service is available at home and businesses with in Africa.

We provide Internet Services in Nigeria as a whole to  large, medium and small scale business at a very affordable rate and with our range of products you can take your business to the next level. Asta satellite as a new  internet service provider which gives  new  experience and  business  guaranteed with optimal business service solutions .

Asta Satellite Broadband Internet service gives you high speed, uninterrupted and direct link to the service provider. We do not use base stations or terrestrials links to provide internet service.

Our clients receive direct link from the space satellite giving you high output and reliable connection as against GSM/CDMA/LTE technologies.



Features not limited to the ones below;

High Speed Internet with Speed upto 20 Mbps.


Pocket friendly Plans.


Full data roll overs.


Coverage across Nigeria.



@Wanaga Get Connected to the Best Broadband Satellite Internet in the World Today. Activation And registration at Your Location Anywhere in Nigeria.

Call 08099199909


With just N66,500.00 we can swap your current modem to the new improved HUGHES HT2000 with low latency, get all your applications running anywhere in nigeria.

Unbeatable Internet Data Plans.


DESCRIPTIONDATABandwidth (Up/Down)Expiry PeriodPrice
ASTA 10 GB10GB1.5Mbps/10Mbps30 Days₦9,900.00
ASTA 30 GB30GB1.5Mbps/10Mbps30 Days₦26,800.00
ASTA 50 GB50GB3Mbps/20Mbps30 Days₦48,800.00
ASTA 100 GB100GB3Mbps/20Mbps30 Days₦84,800.00
ASTA 200 GB200GB3Mbps/20Mbps30 Days₦160,800.00
ASTA Unlimited 2Unlimited1Mbps/2Mbps30 Days₦108,000.00
ASTA Unlimited 3Unlimited1Mbps/3Mbps30 Days₦156,000.00


NOTE : Purchased Data Top-Ups with increased bandwidth will be applied immediately, with the remaining quotas data carried over. All other TopUps will only be applied on depletion of the current Quota. 

Customer Premises Equipment- CPE kit


  1. Satellite Dish
  2. 1 watt BUC radio
  3. Modem

74cm 100,000.00

98cm ₦160,000.00

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