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General FAQs for Yahclick

General FAQs for Yahclick:

General FAQs


What is the YahClick service?

YahClick is a high performance, reliable internet broadband service provided by Al Yah Satellite Communication Company (Yahsat) using Ka band satellite technology with a coverage area of 28 countries (including Nigeria).

YahClick offers instant internet regardless of geography or location within the coverage area.


What is the difference between YahClick Broadband service and other Terrestrial Broadband services?

The YahClick service uses satellite technology to provide a cost effective broadband internet to subscribers who cannot obtain high quality terrestrial services. Terrestrial broadband services provide the internet via fiber, copper, cable and/or wireless. YahClick is independent of terrestrial networks and is therefore more reliable and not subject to breakage, vandalism or theft.


What is required to access the YahClick satellite connection?

In order to have a satellite Internet connection in your home or office, you will need to have a small satellite dish (antenna) attached to the roof/exterior of your home/office and a small satellite modem connected to your computer. You will also need a YahClick subscription plan.


Do I still need a dial up modem and telephone line for this service?

No. There is no phone line or dial-up data modem required to use the YahClick service. With the YahClick service you can have broadband satellite Internet access in your home/office regardless of where you live and without tying up your phone lines.


How much does YahClick cost?

There are several components of the cost. These components are the cost of the equipment (satellite dish and modem), installation charges and monthly subscription charge plus applicable local taxes. Each service plan has a different price. Please visit for more information.


Subscription-Related FAQs


What are the available subscription packages?

There are many service packages supporting different customer needs including home consumers and business users. Available packages vary in uplink/downlink speed and data capacity that users are allowed to consume in a given time frame. Please visit for more information.


Can I change my subscription?

Unless you have signed a contract for a specific plan that has an associated promotion, you are free to upgrade to a higher speed plan or downgrade to a lower speed plan. Your monthly invoice will be adjusted according to the number of days you spent on each plan.

How can I decide which plan is most suitable?


 There are many plans that are available. Wanaga sales representatives are trained to ask customers some questions to help them identify the most appropriate plan for them. Generally speaking, if you are a very light user, you can choose a low speed plan. If you are a very heavy user, a high speed plan may be more appropriate, as it will allow you a large data download allocation enabling you to enjoy your service to the maximum.


Equipment FAQs


What is the exact equipment required to obtain the YahClick service?

A subscriber needs some outdoor equipment that consists of a satellite dish of 74cm or 98cm width, a Block Up Converter (BUC) fixed on the dish, and a pole or a mount to support the dish. The user also needs some indoor equipment that consists of a satellite modem HN9600 for home users or the HN9800 for business users, and some cabling of the appropriate length to go from the dish to the modem located indoors that is then connected to the user’s PC/laptop. A user may also connect a wireless router to the modem to enjoy wireless access.


What is the difference between the Consumer Terminal and the Business Terminal (HN9600 and HN9800)?

The HN9600 is designed for home users. In an average home there will be 1 to 3 computers behind each modem. However, in a business environment where there could be 20 simultaneous PCs behind each modem, each operating a large number of user sessions, the HN9800 is the more powerful modem to handle this load. The HN9800 also has two LAN ports in the back so users are able to separate networks e.g. Finance and HR separate from Business traffic.


How does the antenna size affect theservice quality?

If the subscriber is located closer to the edge of the Ka-band spot beam, the larger 98cm antenna may be required to ensure stronger signal reception and a better quality service. Also, a 2w BUC may be required to ensure return link availability on the edge of coverage even if a 74cm antenna is used.


Installation FAQs


How can I install the equipment?

The YahClick satellite dish and modem will be installed by a certified installer at a time that is convenient for you. The installer will secure the dish either on your roof or wall, or on a pole mount in the ground. He will then run all the cables to connect the satellite dish to the YahClick modem and your computer or laptop. Your computer needs to be equipped with an Ethernet network interface card. The connection enables you to have fast satellite Internet broadband speed immediately.


Can I install YahClick myself?

No. All installations should be completed by a certified professional installer. This will guarantee the best service quality of the system.


Can I take the satellite system with me if I move house or move to another town?

Certainly. All you need to do is contact us via or Wanaga will send an installer back to your location to disconnect the dish and modem and then re-install them at your new location. If you are moving to another town, Wanaga may arrange with any of its certified partner installers to contact you once you have reached your new destination. Wanaga will be able to inform you if you need a different size dish at your new location and if any financial implications are involved.


Billing FAQs


Are there any promotional offers on service plan prices?

Service plans are generally based on a fixed monthly charge. Wanaga and/or Yahsat may run promotions or subscription fee reductions from time to time.


When I get billed for the service, do I need to pay in advance?

All Yahclick service payments are done in advance unless you have a special signed agreement with Wanaga. Generally speaking, billing will start upon service activation and will be prorated for the current month of service plus the next month in advance of service.


Are there any termination fees upon the service cancellation?

Any termination fees will be in accordance with Wanaga terms and conditions. If a subscriber has signed a fixed term contract (e.g. a 12 month contract), there will most likely be a termination fee if the service is cancelled before the contract expiration date. This is particularly true for service plans that have a promotional subscription or equipment offer.


Service Performance FAQs


What are the factors that affect the YahClick internet speed?

When you connect to the Internet using YahClick, the upload and download speeds you experience will vary based on a variety of factors including the configuration of your computer, the number of concurrent users, network or Internet congestion, the size of the websites you are accessing, and many other factors. In most cases during peak hours, actual download speeds will likely be lower than speed indicated on the service plan. Speeds may also be affected if there is a major event and all users are trying to access the same content at the same time.


What are the computer systems supported by YahClick system?

YahClick works whether you are running a Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Android operating systems. All computers have to be equipped with Ethernet interface card in order to connect to the YahClick modem.


My internet is very slow, what happened?

YahClick applies a Fair Access Policy (FAP) and it is likely you are in a FAP state. If you have exceeded your download allowance, your connection will slow down considerably. It is advisable to stop using YahClick for a day to allow your system to recover and restore your speeds.


Can I use the YahClick broadband service on a Wi Fi network?

YahClick service terminals are not Wi Fi enabled. However, subscribers may connect their own wireless devices to enable the Wi Fi. However, Wanaga is not responsible for troubleshooting wireless routers or other devices not part of the YahClick user terminal.




What is meant by Fair Access Policy (FAP)?

To ensure that all YahClick High-Speed Internet Service customers have equitable access to the network, YahClick sets usage allowances on the amount of data a subscriber can download within stated time periods specified in each service plan. If at any time a subscriber’s Usage Total is above the Usage Allowance, the YahClick system will temporarily limit the speed at which the subscriber can receive data over the network. Subscribers will still be able to use the Internet service but at a lower speed. The YahClick Fair Access Policy “FAP” is designed to impact the fewest customers who overuse the network while helping ensure the highest speeds for the vast majority of the users. In most networks, 5% of subscribers use 50% of the traffic. FAP policies are implemented by all to prevent abusive consumption of bandwidth by a minority of users.


How does the Fair Access Policy work?

The policy is implemented automatically by monitoring your usage over a rolling 24-hour period, 72-hour period or 30 Day period depending on the service plan selected. Each YahClick service plan is assigned a Download Allowance. The Download Allowance is the amount of data “in bytes” that can be downloaded by a subscriber without restriction within a rolling 24 or 72-hour or 30 Day period. As you download data, your allowance will be depleted. During periods of low use, your remaining allowance will slowly recover. When your usage over the past 24 or 72 hours exceeds that allowance, you will enter the FAP Recovery Zone, and your download speeds will be reduced. During the FAP Recovery Zone, your Download Allowance is slowly refilled, and after approximately 24 hours, your download speed will be restored. If you continue to use your service to download while in the FAP Recovery Zone, it may take more than 24 hours for your Allowance to be refilled and your speed to return to normal.


Who is affected by the Fair Access Policy?

Some users consume much more bandwidth than the average user, and they will experience reduced download speeds as a result of exceeding their Download Allowance. You may be surprised to find that the top one percent (1%) of users download 9 times more the average user. By providing a Download Allowance, more of the shared bandwidth is made available for everyone to use. Most users will have a better experience as a result of the Fair Access Policy. Online activities such as browsing websites, checking email, watching a small number of short video clips or similar short streaming media are unlikely to cause you to exceed the Download Allowance.


Does the Fair Access Policy apply to uploads or downloads?

Currently, the Fair Access Policy applies only to downloads, that is data that you receive from the Internet. Uploads, for example sending photos in your email, are not counted against your Download Allowance. YahClick is unique in the satellite industry in that it offers unlimited data upload in most of its service plans.


What activities may cause a subscriber to exceed their Download Allowance?

Some activities are more likely to exceed the Download Allowance and trigger the application of the Fair Access Policy. Several examples are listed below:

    Full-length movie or video downloads that exceed the 10% data allowance of the subscription plan.

    Downloading very large files (i.e., file sizes that are close in size to the Download Allowance of your     service plan)

    Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs.

    Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video programming and YouTube.

    Hosting of server devices such as email, FTP, or Web servers.

    Hosting computer applications such as Web-cam feeds.

    Internet based PC backup services that archive your data on a central server.

    Use of BitTorrent applications.

Excessive downloading or use of the services described above may cause subscribers to exceed their Download Allowance and have their download speed reduced under the Fair Access Policy. Note that all data downloaded to your PC or PCs will count against your Download Allowance. We encourage you to take a close look at the software you install and understand how it will use your Internet connection.


What will my Internet access be like in the Recovery Zone?

During the Recovery Zone, when your Download Allowance is exceeded and you are in FAP, you will experience reduced download speeds for about 24 hours. During this period, your YahClick service can still be used for activities such as Web browsing and viewing emails, but speeds will be significantly slower than your standard plan rate. For example, when in FAP state, a Home 10 Mbps service will be reduced to 64 kilobits per second. This is done to ensure that subscribers who stay within their download limits are able to enjoy the service fairly and at the advertised “up to” download speed levels. The upload speed will not be slowed down during the FAP state.


If I exceed my Download Allowance, what should I do?

To continue downloading once you have entered the FAP reduced speed state, you can activate a pre-purchased FAP reset Token that will immediately restore your full speed and give you exactly the same amount of 24 hour or 72 hour or 30 Day data allowance under your service plan. If you do not wish to activate a FAP Token, you will need to minimize your download activities or stop using the internet. If you continue to download heavily during the FAP Recovery Zone, the period of reduced speed will be extended. If you frequently exceed your Download Allowance, or if you find that your Download Allowance is too small for your needs, you might consider upgrading your service plan. Or to get the most out of your service, you can schedule large downloads to occur during the FreeZone using a Download Manager.


How much do FAP reset Tokens cost– is it a monthly, weekly or daily fee?

A FAP reset Token allows you to restart the data counter. This means you will get another 10% data allowance for the next 72 hours if you are on a 72-hour FAP plan. Alternatively, if you are on a 30Day FAP plan, you will get the entire 30Day allowance again if you use a reset token. You can only apply a FAP reset Token if your speed has been reduced due to FAP. Each service plan is associated with a different Token price. Please visit  for full pricing. You have to purchase the exact Token for your service plan only. Pre-purchased Tokens do not expire unless you wish to terminate your subscription.


How do I verify whether I have exceeded my Download Allowance?

You can track your past usage and Fair Access Policy status by going to your user portal and clicking on the Check My Usage link. The End user portal is located at You need your SAN (Site Account Number) and modem serial number to log into this portal. The SAN and serial modem for your site is contained in the site configuration detail document sent to you after your link was activated. If this wasn’t sent to you, please send a request to


My download allowance status meter does not seem to match my usage reported on the Check Usage page. Why?

The Download Allowance status, available through the YahClick Status Meter application or via your terminal’s System Control Center, reflects the actual number of bytes you can download before your download speeds are reduced. This status comes from the YahClick gateway in real time as you receive data. The Check Usage page displays the total historical data downloaded and uploaded from your terminal. This data comes from usage records which are updated hourly. Based on network policies and system status, some data transmitted to your terminal may not be counted against your Download Allowance, but all data will be recorded on the Check Usage site for reference. For example, any data that you downloaded during the Download FreeZone will be reflected on the Check Usage page but will not be counted against your Download Allowance. Your Download Allowance will always be at least the amount specified for your service plan.


What is the Download FreeZone?

The Download FreeZone is the time when the YahClick network is likely to be used by a very small number of users—"off-peak hours of the day". During this time, all subscribers can enjoy downloading data at full speed without counting against their Download Allowance. The FreeZone hours of use start at 1:00 am and end at 6:00 am, Nigerian time.


Why was the Download FreeZone implemented?

This period has been provided for YahClick subscribers to schedule the downloading of automated updates or to download other large files. For home consumers, it provides the flexibility to download large files such as movies or software during the time the network is less busy without the user experiencing slowed speeds during the day.


Are there any limitations to what I can do during the Download Zone?

Yes, download speeds are not guaranteed during these hours and this period is subject to available satellite capacity. The availability of the FreeZone may be reviewed or charges applied if there is network abuse during this time.


What do you recommend I do during the Download FreeZone?

We recommend that you schedule your automatic system updates during the Download FreeZone. You can also use a download manager software application to automatically schedule large file downloads to occur during the Download FreeZone.

No, downloading during the Download FreeZone will not extend the Recovery Zone.


What will happen if I’m in the middle of a large download at the start of the Download FreeZone?

If your speed is reduced at the start of the Download FreeZone, your download speed will return to your normal plan rate, and the downloaded data will not increase your recovery time. If your speed was not reduced (that is, you had not exceeded your Download Allowance), your usage during the Download FreeZone will not be counted toward your Download Allowance.


What will happen if I’m in the middle of a download at the end of the Download FreeZone?

If you were over your Download Allowance at the start of the Download FreeZone, your download speeds will be reduced again at the end of the FreeZone. If you were not over your Download Allowance before 1am, then the usage during the Download FreeZone will not count against your allowance, but the portion of the download that occurs after the FreeZone ends at 6am will begin to count against your data allowance.


Can I still use the Download FreeZone if I have already exceeded my Download Allowance?

Yes, during the Download FreeZone, all users may download without any speed restrictions, subject to your plan’s rate and available satellite capacity.

Why does the YahClick FAP system allow subscribers to download only 10% of their monthly allowance on some plans and how can I download more than this?


A Fair Access Policy is implemented by internet providers to ensure equal access to the network for the vast majority of users. The data allowance concept can be explained as the subscriber starting with an empty container that has a hole in the bottom which a subscriber fills with downloaded data. The container empties out at a pre-determined “leak rate” every 24 hours. If a subscriber never fills up the bucket completely, or downloads less data than the amount that leaks out, this subscriber will enjoy high speed internet all the time and never experience FAP speed reductions.

The YahClick system spreads out a user’s download data allowance to ensure that users do not consume their entire monthly allowance in the first few days of the month, and then lose the ability to enjoy high speed internet service for the rest of the month. If you download a lot of video, we recommend you take advantage of the FreeZone period (1am to 6am) for scheduling unlimited downloads and software updates at no charge and conserve your peak time data allowance for browsing and emails.

By managing their daytime downloads users can maintain their enjoyment of high speed internet without experiencing any speed downgrades. Please note that YahClick also offers unlimited uploading so any photos or large files uploaded to the internet will not be counted as part of the data allowance. YahClick also offers the flexibility to reset the download allowance by purchasing a FAP reset token. This way, subscribers who wish to increase their data consumption occasionally may do so without having to subscribe to a larger service plan.



Acceptable Use Policy


The Customer is required to immediately notify the Service Provider of any activity discovered which is in breach of the policies as set out in this document.

The services provided by Wanaga shall not be used for any activity that is illegal under local, state, federal or international law.

The following activities are strictly prohibited, with no exceptions on the Wanaga network:

  1. Introduction of malicious programs into the network (e.g. Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, e-mail bombs, etc.)
  2. Revealing the passwords to CPE and network monitoring / management devices to persons other than those authorized by the management of the Customer or Service provider to access the said devices
  3. Making fraudulent offers of products, items, or services
  4. Effecting security breaches or disruptions of network communication unless prior notification of such disruptions is made to the Service Provider. Security breaches include, but are not limited to, accessing data of which the Customer is not an intended recipient or logging into hosts or servers that the Customer is not authorized to access. For purposes of this section, "disruption" includes, but is not limited to, network sniffing, pinged floods, packet spoofing, denial of service, and forged routing information for malicious purposes.
  5. Port scanning or security scanning is expressly prohibited unless prior notification to the Service Provider is made
  6. Executing any form of network monitoring which will intercept data not intended for the Customer’s host, unless this activity is restricted to the Customer’s network
  7. Circumventing user authentication or security of any host, network or account that is not under the management of the Customer
  8. Interfering with or denying service to any user or host outside of the Customer’s network (for example, denial of service attack).
  9. Using any program/script/command, or sending messages of any kind, with the intent to interfere with, or disable, a host outside of the Customer’s network via any means, locally or via the Internet/Intranet/Extranet.
  10. Sending unsolicited email messages, including the sending of "junk mail" or other advertising material to individuals who did not specifically request such material (email spam).
  11. Any form of harassment via email, telephone or paging, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages.
  12. Unauthorized use, or forging, of email header information.
  13. Solicitation of email for any other email address, other than that of the poster's account, with the intent to harass or to collect replies.

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